There is a lot of excitement behind Mythomachy Strategy Games!

Mythworld’s marketing challenge revolves around the need to provide quality educational strategy games to its target customers in the process fully satisfying their needs. This is undertaken through the implementation of product innovations and high quality control standards as well as the production of good quality marketing and advertising material.

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Unlike most trading card games, which are based on fantasy, Mythomachy is solidly anchored in the global universe of authentic myths and legends.
In an already male-saturated market, Mythomachy is enjoyed as much by female fans as male because of its directly educational quality profile and learning benefits.

Mythomachy TCG card sets available in 6-card booster packs, providing a tremendous base of consumer-tested artwork and game play, taking into account the age-sensitive profile of its target, kids ages 7+. There are five different color-coded card types consisted of different categories: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Power. Same card comes in 5 copies of different pair of power points activated at the touch of the finger!

To play Mythomachy TCG, you must collect the cards, select those of the biggest power points to make the powerful deck and then play on game mat with friends. To become the ultimate Mythomachy TCG gamer, you must learn the rules, as well as each card’s strengths and weaknesses, special abilities and characteristics. Rubbing the power section of the cards with your finger heats the paper and activates the ink, appearing, disappearing and reappearing each card’s hidden points making thus the game much more exciting.

Mythomachy – EDUCATIONAL Trading Card Game

These are the key elements that make Mythomachy Trading Card Game educational:

  • Authentic Information – this is the information for the mythological characters or artifacts provided in text on each card. It is normally unknown by the age group for whom the game is made.
  • Memorization – this is the part of the game that rewards good memory. If players are able to remember the authentic information, they can advance in the game.
  • Context – this is the part of the game that puts the authentic information to use and make players win (matching families or following sequences…)


Mythomachy – EXCITING Trading Card Game

There are also three key elements that make Mythomachy Trading Card Game exciting:

  • Challenge / Strategy – this is the core of the game. It includes the objective, the deal, the play and scoring. The game should provide a good challenge for its players and allow them to use different strategies to win. This is what determines the age group of the game.
  • Element of Surprise – this is the variation of the game. The element of surprise must be built into the game to provide laughter, excitement, regret and risk. This really is the “exciting” part of the game.
  • Replay Ability – this is the ability to play the game over and over with different outcomes each time. This is measured by the “boring” factor – if people get bored fast, then it lacks replay ability.


Mythomachy ARENA

Furthermore, Mythomachy ARENA is a strategy on floor playing game with Mythomachy TCG cards.

You can play it by using the double or less powerful cards from Mythomachy trading card game deck. There are two types of Mythomachy ARENA game play: ARENA Master & ARENA Speed.

Differences between ARENA Master and ARENA Speed:

  • separate game play mat;
  • diverse game rules;
  • different speed of opponents “extermination”!

Whatever the ARENA game play type, there can be only a single winner: the player who take all cards away from the opponents!

If game is friendly, players take back their cards. If game is aggressive, winner keeps all cards. Friendly or aggressive, game type is a matter of  agreement between players!

Should you lose cards in the ARENA game play, you have to add Mythomachy cards to your collection to play again either TCG or ARENA.


Mythomachy TAZOS

Originality and creativity are the key elements of the Mythomachy Tazos Game.

To fascinate young and old alike, it needs the collection of Mythomachy tazos and the unsolved mystery of the Aegean civilization!


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