Through the use of advanced 3-D technologies, Mythworld Entertainment attempts to demonstrate a wide range of “dynamic” concepts. Licensing its unique and authentic brands, Mythworld offers marketers even more opportunities to increase sales as well as to become involved with the outstanding “spectator mode” applications.

licensing - mythomachy logo


MYTHOMACHY – The Hottest Edutainment Brand Inspired by World Mythology

“Mythomachy” brand consists of a wide range of self-contained concepts and applications each one introducing an exciting “story” to take mythology content in different and new directions. It was designed by the highest possible standards of quality in terms of graphics art, technology and content to provide ages 7+ an outstanding interactive way to enjoy and learn.

Mythworld’s focus is to represent Mythomachy across TV series, merchandising, publishing, innovative promotions, toys, consumer products including apparel, accessories, back-to-school and more. The exciting property has enormous branding and licensing potential for the boy and girl audience.

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ONCE UPON A MYTH –  The Next Profitable Tool for the Entertainment and Licensing Industry

“Once Upon a Myth” is a fascinating telling of self-contained myths that explain how our world works, while they unravel the meaning of life. Myths are narrated by a mincing tiny nymph. Exploring the unknown universe, she finds exciting myths and strange stories to tell the children. The brand is to be represented across traditional and new media, multiple audio-visual and interactive platforms.


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