Mythomachy Key Characteristics

“Mythomachy” is a mythology based educational and entertainment brand for children aged +7 and their families. The brand’s main key characteristics include:

  • Family-friendly entertaining brand.
  • Top educational and enhanced learning brand-designed to teach children about mythological certain subjects and characters.
  • Brain development brand helping children to discover new ways to foster their intelligence.
  • Action and excitement brand.
  • Meaningful brand to parents and kids distinguished by integrity of storylines and characters.
  • Significant international potential brand.

Mythomachy Key Values

  • QualityMythomachy brand reflects the highest possible standards of quality, in terms of production and content.
  • Educational – Original mythology introduces the children the exciting world of myths and legends.
  • Unisex – It appeals equally to boys and girls.
  • Everlasting – It is based on original mythological sources of glorious myth-telling, has a perennial and timeless image for added-value features.
  • Interactive – Its themes of adventure and discovery provide inspiration and create opportunities for developing interactive applications and methods of play.
  • Authenticity – With the brand’s authenticity, the unique creative abilities of Mythomachy can be released to create real value products.


mythomachy brand 1

The brand consists of a wide range of self-contained concepts, each one introducing an exciting “story” to take mythology content in different and new directions.




Unlike most trading card games, which are based on fantasy, it is solidly anchored in the global universe of authentic myths and legends. In an already male-saturated market, it is enjoyed just as much by female fans, because of its directly educational quality profile and learning benefits.

Mythomachy ARENA

It is a strategy on floor playing game with Mythomachy TCG cards. Players can play ARENA master & ARENA speed by using the double or less powerful cards from Mythomachy TCG deck.

Mythomachy TAZOS 

One of the unsolved mysteries of the Aegean civilizations changes the philosophy of a tazos game and attracts children not only to play with but also to learn from.


mythomachy brand 2



It provides a valuable educational resource for the children. Theme-based on the Greek mythology, each 16-page book contains more than 90 colorful die-cut stickers.


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