Mythomachy Key Characteristics

“Mythomachy” is an educational and entertaining brand rooted in mythology, designed for children aged 7 and above, as well as their families. This captivating brand encompasses the following key characteristics:

  • Family-Friendly Entertainment: “Mythomachy” creates an engaging and enjoyable experience for the whole family, fostering quality time and shared learning.
  • Top Educational and Enhanced Learning: With a focus on mythological subjects and characters, “Mythomachy” is meticulously designed to provide educational value, offering children a deeper understanding of these captivating ancient tales.
  • Brain Development: As a brand, “Mythomachy” stimulates cognitive development and encourages children to explore new ways of nurturing their intelligence, fostering critical thinking and creativity.
  • Action and Excitement: With its thrilling narratives and adventurous elements, “Mythomachy” delivers excitement and action-packed experiences, keeping young audiences thoroughly engaged and entertained.
  • Meaningful Brand for Parents and Kids: “Mythomachy” stands out through its integrity in storylines and characters, ensuring meaningful content that resonates with both parents and children, fostering values, and creating memorable connections.
  • Significant International Potential: With its universal appeal and timeless themes, “Mythomachy” holds vast potential on an international scale, captivating audiences across diverse cultures and regions.

Experience the wonders of “Mythomachy” as it blends education, entertainment, and adventure, providing a meaningful and exciting journey for children and families worldwide.

Mythomachy Key Values

  • Quality: The Mythomachy brand upholds the highest standards of quality, encompassing both production and content, ensuring a superior and immersive experience for its audience.
  • Educational: Through its original mythology, Mythomachy introduces children to the captivating world of myths and legends, offering them an educational journey filled with knowledge and wonder.
  • Unisex: The brand appeals equally to both boys and girls, embracing inclusivity and creating a universal experience for all children to enjoy.
  • Everlasting: Rooted in the rich sources of original mythological tales, Mythomachy possesses a timeless and enduring image, adding value to its features and ensuring its lasting appeal for generations to come.
  • Interactive: The themes of adventure and discovery within Mythomachy inspire and provide opportunities for interactive applications and engaging play methods, encouraging active participation and imaginative exploration.
  • Authenticity: With its genuine and authentic nature, the Mythomachy brand unlocks the unique creative abilities of its creators, resulting in the development of valuable and authentic products that resonate with the audience, delivering genuine experiences.

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The brand encompasses an expansive collection of self-contained concepts, each one meticulously crafted to introduce an enthralling “story” that not only captivates but also pushes the boundaries of mythology content. These stories take on an adventurous and innovative approach, exploring uncharted territories and unveiling fresh perspectives on ancient tales. With every concept, the brand aims to ignite imaginations, spark curiosity, and transport audiences on a thrilling journey through unexplored realms of mythological narratives. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure as each self-contained concept unfolds, offering an extraordinary and immersive experience that will leave audiences spellbound.



Unlike most trading card games that are rooted in fantasy, Mythomachy stands firmly grounded in the rich tapestry of authentic global myths and legends. In an industry predominantly targeted towards male audiences, Mythomachy breaks the mold by captivating both male and female fans alike. This is attributed to its unique educational profile, which offers direct learning benefits, making it equally enjoyable for all. Embrace the exceptional experience of Mythomachy as it bridges the gap between entertainment and education, opening a gateway to a world of ancient wisdom and thrilling gameplay for everyone to appreciate.

Mythomachy ARENA

Mythomachy ARENA is a strategic floor-based game that incorporates Mythomachy TCG cards. Players can engage in thrilling matches of ARENA Master and ARENA Speed, utilizing either the double or less powerful cards from their Mythomachy TCG deck. Immerse yourself in the dynamic gameplay of Mythomachy ARENA as you strategically deploy your cards and outmaneuver your opponents, showcasing your skill and strategic prowess.

Mythomachy TAZOS 

Mythomachy TAZOS revolutionizes the philosophy of traditional tazos games, offering children more than just a playful experience. Inspired by the enigmatic mysteries of the Aegean civilizations, it captivates young minds, inviting them to delve into the realms of ancient wisdom while enjoying the game. This unique blend of entertainment and education sparks curiosity and encourages children to learn as they play, creating an engaging and enriching experience like no other. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery with Mythomachy TAZOS, where excitement and learning converge in a captivating fusion.

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Mythomachy ACTIVITY BOOKS serve as a valuable educational resource for children, offering an engaging exploration of Greek mythology. Each themed book spans 16 pages and is packed with over 90 colorful die-cut stickers, enhancing the interactive learning experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of myths as you embark on exciting activities and discover fascinating characters from ancient Greek legends. With Mythomachy ACTIVITY BOOKS, children can have fun while expanding their knowledge and creativity, making it an essential companion for both entertainment and education.

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