Mythomachy Activity Books – Board Game Included!

Mythomachy Activity Books take learning to a whole new level with an exciting addition: a board game included! These activity books serve as a valuable educational resource for children, immersing them in the captivating world of mythology. Each 16-page book features a specific theme based on mythology, complete with over 90 colorful die-cut stickers.

Mythomachy Activity Books 1

The “Play and Learn with stickers” section provides a brief description of the mythical characters featured in the written stories, encouraging children to engage with the content. Additionally, the books offer a variety of stimulating activities such as “Mixed Letters,” “Labyrinth,” and “Break the Code,” enhancing problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

But that’s not all – the books also incorporate a thrilling board game that revolves around the main mythical theme of each book. This adventure story within the board game adds another layer of excitement and immerses children in a dynamic and interactive experience.

With themes like “The Olympian Gods,” “Mythical Kings & Queens,” “Mythical Artisans, Scientists & Artists,” and “Beauties and Beasts in Greek Mythology,” the colorful stickers not only make learning enjoyable but also facilitate hands-on interaction with educational topics.

Enthusiastically recommended for boys and girls aged 7 and above, these outstanding Mythomachy Activity Books ignite curiosity, inspire imagination, and provide a holistic learning experience that blends entertainment with education.

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