Mythomachy Activity Books – Board Game Included!

The Mythomachy Activity Books provide a valuable educational resource for the children.

Mythomachy Activity Books 1

Theme-based on mythology, each 16-page book contains more than 90 colorful die-cut stickers. They include the “Play and Learn with stickers” section with a brief description about the mythical characters narrated in the written stories. Also, the books include multiple activities such as “Mixed Letters”, “Labyrinth”, “Break the Code”. Besides that, a board game, being a part of the book, features an adventure story based on the main mythical theme of each book.

The colorful stickers stimulate learning by providing kids with hands on interaction for educational topics like: “The Olympian Gods”, “Mythical Kings & Queens”, “Mythical Artisans, Scientists & Artists” and “Beauties and Beasts in the Greek Mythology”.

All these outstanding Mythomachy Activity Books are enthusiastically recommended for boys and girls ages 7+.

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