Concept and branding of Mythworld’s copyrighted television programs

The concept and branding of Mythworld’s copyrighted television programs are carefully crafted to deliver engaging and distinctive content to viewers.

At Mythworld, we understand the importance of a strong concept in captivating the audience’s attention. Our team of creative professionals works tirelessly to develop unique and compelling ideas that resonate with viewers. We delve into extensive research, explore various themes, and brainstorm innovative concepts to ensure that our television programs stand out from the crowd.

Branding is another crucial aspect of our copyrighted television programs. We recognize the significance of creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity that reflects the essence of the content. From logo design to visual elements and typography, we pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that the branding aligns seamlessly with the program’s concept and target audience.

Additionally, our copyrighted television programs undergo rigorous quality control to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We employ state-of-the-art production techniques, cutting-edge technology, and a talented team of professionals to bring the concept to life. Each program is meticulously crafted, taking into account storytelling, visuals, sound design, and overall production value to deliver a captivating and immersive viewing experience.

By combining compelling concepts with strong branding and exceptional production quality, Mythworld’s copyrighted television programs not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression on audiences. We strive to create content that engages, inspires, and sparks meaningful conversations, providing a unique and enriching television experience for viewers worldwide.

With our commitment to innovation, creativity, and delivering outstanding content, Mythworld continues to establish itself as a leader in the industry, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for concept and branding in television programming.

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ODYSSEY – Adventure Docu-Reality

Odyssey is an award-winning reality TV format that expertly blends adventure with elements of tourism, culture, and culinary exploration. With its diverse structure, Odyssey is categorized as a documentary-reality show, captivating audiences far beyond the realm of traditional reality TV format enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from Homer’s epic tale, the Odyssey adventure docu-reality show embarks on a thrilling journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. It follows a modern-day interpretation of Odysseus’ legendary odyssey as he navigates through challenges and battles to reclaim his rightful position of power on the land of Ithaca.

This captivating storyline combines the allure of adventure with the element of surprise, captivating viewers with each new episode. As the protagonists encounter various destinations, cultural experiences, and gastronomic delights, audiences are taken on a thrilling ride that immerses them in the essence of the ancient tale.

Odyssey’s unique blend of adventure, cultural exploration, and culinary discoveries makes it a standout program with broad appeal. Its documentary-style approach adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, while the reality show elements provide excitement and engagement for viewers.

With the potential to reach a wide audience, Odyssey offers a fresh take on reality TV formats, appealing to both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking immersive cultural experiences. Its ability to transport viewers into a world of intrigue, triumph, and personal growth ensures that the show stands out as a compelling and memorable viewing experience.


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MARATHON RACE – Travel Game Show

Experience the thrill of an exhilarating and budget-friendly studio game show, introducing the first-ever long-distance visual “running” race set in a captivating destination!

In this unique show, two contestants go head-to-head in a quest to win exciting prizes by answering 15 local-origin general knowledge questions. The ultimate challenge? Completing the Marathon Race within a goal time distance of just 30 minutes!

Get ready to test your knowledge and race against the clock as you delve into a diverse range of topics inspired by the local culture, history, and traditions of the destination. Each question brings you closer to victory and closer to the finish line of this adrenaline-pumping race.

With engaging hosts, stunning visuals, and a competitive spirit, the Marathon Race is a high-energy game show that combines the excitement of trivia with the intensity of a race. As the clock ticks down, contestants must rely on their quick thinking and knowledge to outpace their opponent and claim victory.

Whether you’re a seasoned trivia enthusiast or simply love the thrill of competition, the Marathon Race promises an unforgettable journey filled with suspense, entertainment, and the opportunity to discover fascinating insights about the destination. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this dynamic and fast-paced game show that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!


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MUSIC FEVER – Music Game Show

Step onto the electrifying dance floor as two teams of three compete in an exhilarating music game show that will have you grooving and guessing your way to big winnings! Get ready to ignite your passion for music and put your performance skills to the test!

In Music Fever, contestants navigate a series of challenging questions while strutting their stuff on stage. Each step they take brings them closer to the ultimate goal, but they must also face the judgment of the studio audience, whose votes will determine their fate.

With each question, teams will showcase their musical knowledge, from identifying hit songs and artists to deciphering intriguing music trivia. But that’s not all! The real excitement lies in the electrifying performances on stage. From singing to dancing, teams must captivate the audience with their talent, showmanship, and ability to bring the music to life.

As the game progresses, tension builds, and the studio audience becomes the ultimate arbiter of success. Will they be swayed by the teams’ charisma and skill? Or will their judgment put the contestants’ dreams on hold?

Music Fever is more than just a game show; it’s a celebration of the universal language of music. It brings people together, ignites the competitive spirit, and showcases the power of performance. With engaging hosts, dazzling stage productions, and the infectious energy of the contestants, Music Fever guarantees a thrilling and unforgettable experience for players and viewers alike.

So, warm up your vocal cords, dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready to let the music take over. Music Fever is about to sweep you off your feet and leave you craving more of that adrenaline-fueled music magic!

DURATION: 50΄ / 100

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SMART or LUCKY? – Game Show

Enter the thrilling world of Smart or Lucky, where two players put their fate on the line in front of twenty locked doors! The question is, will they rely solely on luck to win the prizes hidden behind the “lucky” doors, or will their smarts guide them to victory? It’s a battle of wit and chance, where only the strongest strategy or the luckiest guess will lead players to the ultimate prize!

In this gripping game show, contestants must make crucial decisions as they navigate through a maze of locked doors. Behind each door lies a different reward, but also potential pitfalls. Will they trust their instincts and rely on luck to choose the right door, or will they use their intelligence and cunning to outsmart their opponent?

As the game unfolds, tension mounts, and players must weigh their options carefully. Will they opt for the doors with immediate rewards, or will they take a risk and go for the doors with potentially greater prizes? The choices they make will determine their fate and could mean the difference between walking away with fabulous winnings or leaving empty-handed.

Smart or Lucky showcases the exhilarating blend of strategy and chance, testing the players’ decision-making skills and their ability to seize opportunities. Whether it’s a calculated gamble or a leap of faith, each move brings them closer to victory or closer to defeat.

Hosted by charismatic personalities and featuring dazzling set designs, Smart or Lucky keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness the gripping battle between intelligence and chance. With each door that opens, the excitement builds, and the question remains: Who will emerge as the ultimate champion?

So, are you ready to witness the clash between smarts and luck? Tune in to Smart or Lucky and join the heart-pounding adventure where every decision could change the contestants’ lives forever. Who will rise to the top and prove their dominance? Find out as the drama unfolds in this thrilling game show that will keep you guessing until the very last door!


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TOP TASTE – Cooking Game Show

Prepare for a culinary showdown like no other on Top Taste, where five talented contestants go head-to-head in a thrilling cookery contest, all vying for the chance to enter the prestigious “Top Taste” year-end show! With every episode, the finalists, audience, and viewers are treated to an unforgettable experience that leaves no one… hungry!

In this high-stakes cooking game show, the contestants showcase their culinary skills, creativity, and ability to handle pressure as they face a series of intense challenges. From mystery ingredient baskets to timed tasks, they must impress the discerning taste buds of renowned chefs and win over the judges’ hearts with their mouthwatering creations.

Each episode is a feast for the senses, filled with captivating moments, tantalizing aromas, and sizzling competition. As the contestants push their culinary boundaries, the kitchen becomes a battlefield of flavors and techniques, with the goal of creating dishes that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly delicious.

But it’s not just the contestants who get to savor the excitement. The audience and viewers at home are taken on a gastronomic journey, as they witness the culinary magic unfold before their eyes. From the breathtaking presentations to the captivating stories behind each dish, everyone is guaranteed a mouthwatering experience that will leave them craving for more.

Hosted by charismatic food enthusiasts and featuring renowned guest chefs, Top Taste ensures that every moment is filled with excitement, entertainment, and of course, top-notch cuisine. From the intense cook-offs to the emotional eliminations, the show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating who will rise to the top and claim the coveted title of the ultimate “Top Taste” champion.

So, get ready to indulge in a feast of flavors, creativity, and passion. Join us on Top Taste, where culinary dreams come to life, and discover the extraordinary talents of these aspiring chefs. It’s a cooking game show like no other, where the heat is on, and only the most exceptional dishes will reign supreme. Don’t miss a single episode, because on Top Taste, everyone leaves… inspired and hungry for more!


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THE VOTE – Social-Political Reality Show

In the groundbreaking reality series, The Vote, three teams of four individuals are carefully selected to compete in an unprecedented social-political challenge. With participants ranging from 20 to 35 years old, each team represents a diverse array of backgrounds, life experiences, and political perspectives. Together, they embark on a journey that combines common sense, knowledge, experience, and imagination as they critique the government and present their proposals on the pressing political and social issues raised by viewers.

The main objectives of The Vote TV Format are to:

  1. Empower young people to actively engage in public life, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership over the future of their communities and nations.
  2. Encourage and amplify youth participation in the political scene, giving them a platform to express their opinions, contribute innovative ideas, and shape the discourse surrounding critical issues.
  3. Promote social awareness and political activism by raising consciousness about the challenges faced by society, stimulating informed discussions, and inspiring viewers to take action and become agents of positive change.

Through thought-provoking challenges, debates, and interactions with influential figures in the political sphere, The Vote seeks to ignite a passion for social and political issues among its participants and viewers alike. By exploring different perspectives and encouraging dialogue, the show aims to foster a more inclusive and participatory democracy, where the voices of young people are heard, respected, and valued.

Join us on The Vote, where minds collide, ideas flourish, and a new generation of socially and politically engaged individuals emerges. Together, we can make a difference and shape a brighter future for our society.


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