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The Island Beyond the Coast – Historical Novel

Hans Christian Andersen, deeply dispirited by a number of unexpected events that took place in the autumn of 1865, decides to travel to Stockholm to meet his beloved friend, Fredrika Bremer. Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, a sad event occurs that brings back haunting memories of dramatic events he experienced during his travels to Greece in 1841. Consequently, the vividness of these recollections along with his ardent imagination prompts him to narrate the extraordinary stories of the ninety-three foreign travellers who crossed his path back then and which he feels needs to be heard today.

The American writer and poet, Bayard Taylor, accompanies Hans Christian Andersen and joins in with the storytelling. In 1856, after returning from the Arctic, Taylor visits him in Copenhagen and then travels to Greece to fulfill a strong desire he had always had since he was a child. Revealing his feelings and portraying the Greek land through facts and images, Greece appears to Taylor to be the “football field across Europe”, like the motto written in black paint on the monument of the national hero Karaiskakis located in Piraeus.

The book keeps the original texts of the travellers throughout their bibliography according to the written discourse of that time!


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