The Island Beyond the Coast – Historical Novel

Deeply disheartened by a series of unforeseen events in the autumn of 1865, Hans Christian Andersen makes the decision to embark on a journey to Stockholm, where his dear friend Fredrika Bremer resides. However, his arrival in Stockholm is soon overshadowed by a somber occurrence, evoking haunting memories of dramatic events he encountered during his travels to Greece in 1841. These powerful recollections, intertwined with his fervent imagination, compel him to share the extraordinary tales of the ninety-three foreign travelers he encountered during that time, believing that their stories deserve to be heard even today.

Accompanying Hans Christian Andersen on this poignant venture is the American writer and poet, Bayard Taylor. Having returned from the Arctic in 1856, Taylor pays a visit to Andersen in Copenhagen before fulfilling a lifelong yearning to journey to Greece. As Taylor expresses his emotions and paints a vivid portrait of the Greek landscape through his words and imagery, Greece unfolds before him like a vast playing field stretching across Europe, reminiscent of the motto inscribed in black paint on the monument of the national hero Karaiskakis located in Piraeus.

In this intertwining tale of Andersen and Taylor, their shared passion for storytelling and exploration unites them, creating a unique bond that transcends time and place. Together, they weave a tapestry of emotions, memories, and observations, capturing the essence of Greece and its significance in their lives.

the island beyond the coast

The book preserves the original texts of the travelers, reflecting the written discourse of that time, as documented in their bibliographies.


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Revolution 1821 – Women at the Forefront (Historical Publication in Greek)

When I was young, we often hosted friends at our house in Kukloutza. I remember their songs that spoke of the tyranny of the Turks. I remember the wishes they gave us when they bid us farewell. “May the times change!” “Hopefully, the day will come when we will be free again!”

From Smyrna to Constantinople, to Souli, Roumeli, Morea, the islands of the Aegean, Levante, and Crete, a simple Greek warrior from Asia Minor, the 19-year-old Petros Megous, narrates significant moments of his life during the Greek Revolution. Based on his gripping testimonies from every place he passed through, be it a city, village, or island of enslaved Greece, the true stories of women who endured all hardships with self-sacrifice and fought heroically for their faith, dignity, beliefs, and the freedom of their homeland are revealed.

επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

Each chapter of the book concludes with a poem or folk song about the Revolution of 1821, accompanied by a colorful depiction from an authentic artwork by a renowned artist, painter, or philhellene of that era. In total, the book showcases 26 artworks depicting heroic women.

επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

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επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

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