The Island Beyond the Coast – Historical Novel

The historical novel “The Island Beyond the Coast” (Book I and Book II) offers readers an immersive experience of traveling through 19th-century Greece, taking them on a captivating journey infused with magic and imagination. It draws inspiration from the original manuscripts of ninety-five foreign travelers who visited Greece, primarily from the late 18th to the late 19th centuries. The novel skillfully weaves together the stories, thoughts, opinions, and vivid recollections of these travelers during their time in Greece. The narratives are expertly narrated by two highly distinguished writers, Hans Christian Andersen (Book I) and Bayard Taylor (Book II), both of whom explored Greece during that era. While each writer brings a unique perspective, their narratives intertwine, even venturing into the glorious days of ancient Greece.

Andersen and Taylor vividly portray the authentic images of cities, villages, and picturesque Greek islands. They not only draw from their personal memories but also incorporate the impressions and experiences of ninety-three other foreign travelers, some of whom they encountered during their own stays in Greece.

In Book I, Hans Christian Andersen, deeply saddened by unexpected events in his life, decides to embark on a journey to Stockholm in the autumn of 1865 to reunite with his beloved friend, Fredrika Bremer. However, their reunion is overshadowed by a tragic event that brings back memories of Andersen’s unforgettable experiences during his previous journey to Athens, Acropolis, Piraeus, and the Greek islands in 1841. As he reflects on his time in Greece, Andersen’s vivid imagination becomes captivated by the extraordinary stories of other foreign travelers who had visited the same places, stories that he had contemplated writing about but never put to paper.

In Book II, set in 1856, Bayard Taylor returns from the Arctic zone and visits Hans Christian Andersen in Copenhagen before embarking on a long-awaited journey to Greece, fulfilling a lifelong dream that he had cherished since childhood. As Taylor immerses himself in the landscapes and experiences the essence of Greece, he perceives it as a significant presence on the European stage, symbolized by the inscription in black paint on the monument of the national hero Karaiskakis in Piraeus, likening it to a “football field across Europe.” Fast forward to 1878, during Taylor’s trip from the United States to Europe, he serendipitously encounters Mark Twain, who enthralls him with stories of his own travels and encounters in Greece during 1867, adding another layer of narratives and experiences to Taylor’s journey.

“The Island Beyond the Coast” sets the stage for an immersive experience, filled with adventure and profound discoveries. Through vivid descriptions and authentic historical details, you’ll be transported to a bygone era. Whether you’re a fan of travel memoirs, historical fiction, or simply love to embark on a captivating literary journey, “The Island Beyond the Coast” promises to be a compelling and unforgettable read. So grab a copy, settle in, and allow yourself to be swept away by the magic of this enchanting tale. – Iota Angel, Author

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Farewell, my Smyrna: A story of love and loss based on true events

Love, much like the wind, is unpredictable in its origins and destinations. It can be won over with a touch or a word, while a cold glance can drive it away.

During the summer of 1843, fate brought Percy, a young English officer, to Smyrna to win the heart of Myrto, a fifteen-year-old girl with black eyes. From the moment he saw her standing at the window, Percy sought ways to see her. Despite the challenges of being a stranger in their home, Percy’s good character and high military rank enabled him to meet her father and gain entry into the Smirlis family’s home.

In Smyrna, the days passed quickly under the golden sun, and it was the happiest time for Myrto and Percy. Little did they know, misfortune was just around the corner.

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Revolution 1821 – Women at the Forefront (Historical Publication in Greek)

When I was young, we often hosted friends at our house in Kukloutza. I remember their songs that spoke of the tyranny of the Turks. I remember the wishes they gave us when they bid us farewell. “May the times change!” “Hopefully, the day will come when we will be free again!”

From Smyrna to Constantinople, to Souli, Roumeli, Morea, the islands of the Aegean, Levante, and Crete, a simple Greek warrior from Asia Minor, the 19-year-old Petros Megous, narrates significant moments of his life during the Greek Revolution. Based on his gripping testimonies from every place he passed through, be it a city, village, or island of enslaved Greece, the true stories of women who endured all hardships with self-sacrifice and fought heroically for their faith, dignity, beliefs, and the freedom of their homeland are revealed.

επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

Each chapter of the book concludes with a poem or folk song about the Revolution of 1821, accompanied by a colorful depiction from an authentic artwork by a renowned artist, painter, or philhellene of that era. In total, the book showcases 26 artworks depicting heroic women.

επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

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επανάσταση 1821 γένους θηλυκού

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