Piraeus – Marseille (European Capital of Culture 2013): Bonds of friendship and commercial relations

Piraeus municipality participated in the events and festivities placed at the city of Marseille as the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2013. To realize this project development, we organized a three-day schedule consisting of numerous events and festivities. Besides that, we presented the many different facets of the history of the city of Piraeus through a rich collection of videos and art exhibition.

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OIKADE (Homeward Bound)

“I intend to adorn my house in Scotland with columns. Would it be better to get some white columns worked in this country, in order to send them by sea to my house? Or to look out for some different kinds of marble that could be collected together and decorate the hall with columns all different one from another, and all of fine marble?”

Lord ELGIN (Scottish Lord – English Ambassador to the Porte)

Letter to Lusieri, 1801

Support the campaign for Parthenon Marbles return to Athens, Greece

The Parthenon Marbles are not free-standing works of art. They are integral architectural parts of one of the most magnificent and unique monuments in the world. Most importantly, they remain 2,000 miles far away from the monuments for which they were carved.

The time has come for the Parthenon Marbles to go home. The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece is ready to receive the Parthenon Marbles.

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